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sukanto Kuri
Jun 26, 2022
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Google's John Mueller was asked in Webmaster Hangouts what to do Photo Retouching if traffic is lost on the site due to Google's June 2019 broad core algorithm update. John Mueller's answer provided insights to understand what was happening. Mueller then offered hope that Google might provide further guidance on what to do. Does the webmaster ask if it's a content issue? Those asking the question state that they are news publishers. Since they are dealing with content, they are asking that their major update issues may be related to the content. I have a question here: "We are a news publisher's website and we are primarily focused on the area of ​​business finance. We were Photo Retouching affected by the June core update as traffic dropped significantly from the first week of June. There is a possibility. I agree that the update specifies that there are Photo Retouching no corrections or major changes that need to be made to mitigate the impact. But for publishers whose core area is content news, it probably indicates that content, quality, or quantity has triggered Google's algorithms to lower the quality signal of the content posted on the website. Not. For reduced traffic? "" advertisement Continue reading below The interrogator states that webmasters need more guidance. "... It would be really helpful if Google could come out and share advice with Photo Retouching webmasters and websites. It's not site-specific, but at least it's category- or category-specific about how to take corrective actions and actions to mitigate the impact of core updates. It will be of great help to help websites that are now ignorant about what affected them. " Screenshots of Google Photo Retouching John Mueller on Webmaster Hangouts Google's John Mueller was asked how to recover from Google's extensive core algorithm updates. Why not fix anything John Mueller did not suggest fixing any particular ones. He explained that the reason there is nothing special to fix is ​​that the core update covers a wider range of factors.
sukanto Kuri

sukanto Kuri

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